Increasing the maturity of the information system
Our campus management system is based on an open-source technology whereby our team has created a reliable platform for information management system to consolidate solutions. View our integrated modules that we have specially-designed to organize meticulous time consuming tasks.
Active Directory (AD) Integration
Active Directory
  It is the first campus management system that can integrate with Active Directory, which means, your administrator do not need to manually create a user account or individual staff or reset user’s password.
Employee Database
  A module, which stores employees’ details and to manage user access level within the portal. All records are stored in the Active Directory (AD) and data can also be downloaded into a Microsoft/CSV Excel file for referencing.
Attendance & Door Access
Door Access
  Configure student-access or any individuals based on booking time into a specific location.
  This system enables logging in and out with a card-access while attendance is recorded and can be tracked based on date & time.
Enrollment / Application
  Allows easy data entries for applicants along with automatic storing for future referencing.
Checklist Record
  A system that enables settings for an applicant’s requirements to monitor the required data such as personal photos, portfolio, contact; data can be retrieved & exported into Microsoft/CSV format for perusal.
Vendors / Suppliers
  A system that enables record-keeping of vendors/suppliers database such as salesperson, contact, address, email, website and product.
  You can handle Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Invoice and Delivery Order by selecting your preferred item by category and by supplier from database. Project costing delivery histories are stored for future referencing or transaction purposes.
  A systematic platform to store & categorize database to support purposes such as referencing, sales, marketing and more.
Public Promotions, Events, Roadshows & Activities
  Our system enables you to conduct market research efficiently by creating survey forms or analysis reports. You can plan productive events and activities while tracking your company’s on-going events/ past events, costing, suitable dates and locations for reference.
System Configuration
  An administrator can administer the permission to use for individual personnel to access into the system.
Project Management
  This system assist project leaders or team leaders for project planning while assigning task directly to his/her colleagues or subordinates; permissible individuals can also view assignments. The system integrates with the Purchasing module which allows you to retrieve data for future project costing referencing.
  This unique system is strategically organized as it can even manage an education organization’s management. There are various categories in the system and functions which consist of enrollment checklist, student listing, reports, export data, lecturers & subjects, students’ class, grading system, students & subjects, announcements, assignments and many more.
Online Booking
  For systematic loaning of equipment, facilities, rooms and vehicles. Included is a calendar view system, email notification preference and a booking status organizer for the administrator to monitor the release time under statuses such as reserved, collected and returned.
Assets & Maintenance
  It will be recorded and auto-generated based on the Purchase Order while creating a record with additional information such as warranty, serial number, etc.
  A system to monitor asset-maintenance schedules and history while categorizing the assets by subject, location and more. Even items such as air-conditioners, electronic gadgets, company vehicles and many more can be tracked accordingly to the maintenance-history record system.
Help Desk
Ticket / Report Submission
  You can generate a ticket or a report to complain or request for maintenance at your company maintaining the records of active tickets.
Ban List
  This system enables monitoring those who had offended the rules and regulations configured by the administrator for loaning of equipment, late payment and more.
Stationaries & Pantry
  Monitoring your stationaries & pantry replenishment with this system and generating a total monthly expenditure report for restocking.
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