Increasing the maturity of the information system
The Hostel & Tenancy Management System is designed to aid in your management of your hostels, regardless whether it is a terrace house, apartment or condominium. It allows you to keep track of your Landlords, Hostels, Tenancy Agreements, Occupants, Utility Bills, etc. Everything related to your hostel is being catered for in our system and the best of all are all the reports that you can generate for each of these elements for you to keep your occupancy rate at its maximum.
Managing hostels, tenancy and the occupants is a very tedious and time consuming task. Our main objective is to help you to manage all these different sections by providing you all the information you need at your fingertips. You will be able to keep your tenancy negotiations in time while maximizing your occupancy rate. Thus saving you money and increasing your revenue. Besides all that, our system is also able to integrate with our other systems like E-Procurement System and Assets and Consumables.
Landlord Management
  Listing of landlord with multiple contact persons with details such as email and contact number.
Different Type of Hostel
  Our configuration allows you to create hostels for terrace houses, apartments, condominiums, pigeon-hole hostel, etc.
Monthly or Daily Rental
  Our system can cater for occupants renting by months or by days.
Unit, Room or Bed Rental
  It allows you to rent out entire unit, room or bed depending on your situation. Besides, you can also offer discount to the tenant in case he /she rent more than 2 beds or entire unit.
Waiting List
  You can add interested occupants into the waiting list so that once there is an available room; you can get in touch with them at a click of a button.
Disciplinary Records
  You can keep a record of problematic occupants with the Disciplinary Records functionality.
Complaints Management
  Manage all your occupant complaints and keep track of the progress with our Complaints Management.
Tenancy Management
  You can manage your hostels tenancy with our system. Never miss out on a tenancy deadline again!
Utility Bills Management
  Keep track of all the utility bills and usages for all your hostels. The system will also automatically divide the utility bills amongst the occupants.
Different Levels of Permissions
  Access control to limit user’s permission.
High Availability
  You can access the system from anywhere at any time as long as you are connected to the Internet.
  Various reports at your disposal. We can also create reports based on your needs and requirements.
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