Increasing the maturity of the information system
The E-Sales System is designed to aid in your management of your sales. It allows you to keep track of Customers, Quotations, Orders, Stocks, etc. Everything related to your sales is being catered in our system and the best of all are all the reports that you can generate for each of these elements for you to keep your sales at its maximum.
Managing customers, orders, stocks, invoices, and payments is a very tedious and time consuming task. Our main objective is to help you to manage all these different sections by providing you all the information you need at your fingertips. You will be able to keep track of your stocks available while maximizing your sales rate. Thus, it save your time and increase your sales. Besides all that, our system is also able to integrate with our other systems like E-Procurement System and Assets and Consumables.
Product Catalogue
  Products knowledge base where keep all kinds of product that available in your company.
Customer Management
  Listing of customers with multiple contact persons with details such as email and contact number.
Quotation Management
  Allow you to create a quotation that will be send to your customer, and store in the system for future review.
Order Management
  Allow you to save the purchase order received from customer, and it can continue process to check the stock availability and deliver to customer.
Stock Management
  Allow you to track the stock availability and quantity left in your company.
Delivery Order
  Allow you to save the record of each order that delivered to customer.
Invoice Management
  Allow you to bill the customer when the delivery order is completed.
Payment Management
  You can manage your customer’s payments.
Credit Note
  Allow you to issue credit note to customer.
  Various reports at your disposal. We can also create reports based on your needs and requirements.
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1.Save hiring cost? 2.Have a paperless desk? 3.Generate reports conveniently? 4.Reduce debt & boost growth? 5.Secure your data? 6.Increase efficiency? 7.Simplify your filing process?