Increasing the maturity of the information system
The Software License Management System provides comprehensive software license management capabilities, so you can ensure your organization is neither under-licensed nor over-licensed. The Software License Management System provides software usage summaries and reports; give you a glance of which software license is used and unused. This helps you plan your future purchases wisely. With this information, you can save money by reallocating or terminating maintenance on unused software or renegotiating your license agreements to reflect actual usage patterns. When such savings are weighed against the costs of correcting license shortages, most organizations come out significantly ahead.

Obtaining an accurate and comprehensive data of software licenses including monitoring the expiry date of each software licenses agreement, accurately maintaining software license usage information and the number of purchased licenses in each software license is very challenging and time consuming task especially in a medium or large organization.

Our main objective is to help you to manage all these different sections by providing you all the information you need at your fingertips. You will be able to eliminate or reallocate unused licenses, prepare for internal audits, and plan for future software purchases easily and it can help reduce costs and risks associated with over- and under-buying.

Besides all that, our system is also able to integrate with our other systems like E-Procurement System and Assets and Consumables.

Software Licenses Management
Maintain listing of software licenses purchased in the organization.
Monitor software license expiry date efficiently.
License Auditing and License Usage Tracking
Our system allows the organization to assign license to user with permission.
The audit script will auto scan and grab the software license installed in the computers under the same network; user able to trace the total usage of each software license easily.
Monitoring Unlicensed Software Installed In User PC
By using the audit script, organization able to trace unlicensed software license installed.
  License Audit Report provides information to the organization which computer has installed software with license or software without license. .
  Various reports at your disposal. We can also create reports based on your needs and requirements.
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