Our integrated information management system has undergone thorough research & development, tested and combined with cutting-edge usability that is:
User Friendly
Pre-configured & designed to follow the process sequence, using standardized design, forms, sequential buttons, icons and self-explanatory procedures.
Expandable Browser Platform
Highly expandable with fully tested system to support any browser platform and operating system such as Windows, MAC, Linux.
Long Term Cost Saving.
Reduce manpower for meticulous tasks to save cost & time in a long run.
Active Directory
Integrated system with modules which efficiently saves an IT personnel's time.
Easy Interface
A comprehensible & user-friendly layout including a HELP system with print screen guide for referencing. Modules are interlinked & integrated; NO duplication of tasks or documentation while user-access permission can be administered.
Low Bandwidth
A fast-loading system with low bandwidth for day-to-day operations, and is web-enabled for easy- access either through intranet or internet.
Immediate Roi & Cost Free
With available options that can be enhanced to cater for your needs and requirements; tasks can be simplified while producing good results and data can be retrieved with just a click!
Professional R&D
Our in-house professional developers & designers are knowledgeable in customizations, upgrades and support in the areas of system design, development & training.
Ever-ready Support System
Our support system is ever-ready for personal attention for queries and support via email. A link is available for you to access to the page directly to contact our respective personnel.
Systematic Filing
Strategically store important files such as quotations, proposals, maintenance-history, database and more for future referencing & monitoring projects; files are categorized and ready for quick-retrieval.
1.Save hiring cost? 2.Have a paperless desk? 3.Generate reports conveniently? 4.Reduce debt & boost growth? 5.Secure your data? 6.Increase efficiency? 7.Simplify your filing process?